Costa Food Meat


Founded in Vic (Barcelona) in 1978, Costa Food Meat currently comprises a pig slaughterhouse with an attached meatpacking facilities and refrigerated warehouses. It also has all the resources necessary for quick, effective product distribution. It is committed to rigorous quality control and flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client.

It exports to 40 countries and produces – to the highest standards – more than 130 million kg of pork every year. Its slaughter and meatpacking process are governed by strict quality and food safety standards, structured according to the HACCP system to ensure prevention and control throughout the entire production chain of  Costa Food Group circular process .

It has a total of 16,000 square metres across all of its plants which are equipped with the latest technology to continue ensuring food safety. It employs more than 300 workers and applies the group’s philosophy of continuous improvement by reinvesting all its profits in order to stay at the cutting edge of the sector, modernising its facilities and improving all its processes.

In addition, direct distribution to the client permits direct temperature control and guarantees that each food item arrives to the customer in the quality condition specified at the outset of Costa Food Group’s controlled circular process.